Your Pass Now provides the ability to electronically purchase passes, permits, and licenses for recreational activities on public land, such as national parks and forests.



  • Passes purchased using Your Pass Now bypass the waitline to enter the park
  • Your Pass Now integrates with Apple Wallet and Apple Watch
  • Partners can detect fraud from anywhere as validation features do not require internet connectivity


  • Your Pass Now is a responsively-designed, mobileoptimized website, so there is no need to download an app
  • Passes can be purchased using any device connected to the internet
  • Passes can be printed or stored on a mobile device for future use


  • Designed and built with the functionality to scale
  • Can be adapted to meet partner-specific business requirements

Who it's For

  • Any partner interested in offering electronic entrance passes
  • Any federal or state park, as well as any government agency that charges a fee to recreate on public lands
  • Government entities looking to transition access pass distribution to a digital platform